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Endurance walkers vary tremendously in the amount of equipment they use, with some getting by with little more than a pair of shoes and old clothes and others, affectionately known as gearheads, having a wide selection of equipment. Below we discuss the equipment you might have.

General requirements

No matter what equipment you have, it should meet the following five requirements:


We could write many paragraphs on shoes describing in detail the many features of the modern shoe and how these features can prevent injuries. It is sufficient for our purposes to briefly describe the important features and leave it up to you to experiment or read further.

Before doing that, we would like to make three general comments:

The important features a pair of shoes should have are:


Working from head to toe we have

If you walk at night, you should reflective material and possibly wear a light that clips on to the waistband of you shorts. The reflective material can be

Which of the above possibilities is the best? Opinions vary. You can decide for yourself when you are out at night and see walkers and runners wearing reflective material.


We use the word 'containers' to mean any device that holds something. In some cases, a container will hold another container (for example, a waist pack can holder water bottles). Containers are used to hold:

The types of containers include:

First aid

First aid kits are of two basic types: those you carry with you and those you leave enroute such as beside the track in a track event.

A first aid kit you carry typically includes materials

Some walkers include anti-inflammatory and painkilling tablets.

A first aid kit you leave enroute can be far more substantial, although if you have to travel by public transport to get to the event, you may have to limit the size of the kit.

Equipment for a track event

In a long track event, walkers often set up a small table beside the track and keep their equipment and supplies on this. This table should

Equipment for a training walk of a few hours

If you come to ultrawalking with a jogging background, an important point to remember is that you will usually generate less body heat walking than jogging.

Warm weather



Cold weather



Very cold weather

Wear Take

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