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About us

The New Zealand Centurions, full name New Zealand Centurions Endurance Walking Club, is a young organisation, having been founded November 29, 1998. We recognises two types of members: full and associate (also known as supporter). Full members are those who have qualified as a centurion in New Zealand. So far 14 people have. Associate members are those who have joined our organisation but have not qualified as a centurion. Most associate members participate in long distance walks, but this is not a requirement and anybody can join.

As well as recognising centurion status, we recognises the achievement of walking 100 kilometres in 14 hours 30 minutes.

Like many other national bodies in New Zealand representing minor sports, we do not have many members and is currently looking at ways to attract more people to centurionism and ultrawalking. One possibly being considered is to recognise other achievements such as walking 80 kilometres in 12 hours or 40 kilometres in six hours, two achievements recognised by the Australian Centurions.

We usually do not organise our own events. Instead, members enter events organised by other organisations, such as by the New Zealand Sri-Chinmoy marathon team.

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Last modified: October 28, 2007.