One Day Conference in Number Theory

Monday December 5, 2011

University of Auckland, New Zealand


Room 403-404
Engineering Building
Symonds Street, Auckland.
Building 401/403 on University Map
Google map showing building


10:00--10:45 Florian Luca (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico)
On a conjecture of Terai
10:45--11:00 Coffee
11:00--11:45 Shaun Cooper (Massey University, Albany)
Sporadic sequences and modular forms
11:45--12:30 Kevin Broughan (Waikato, NZ)
The number of ways of decomposing an integer into squarefree factors
12:30--1:30 Lunch
1:30--2:15 Kiran Kedlaya (UC San Diego/MIT)
Unexpected p-adic numerical stability and the Robbins phenomenon
2:15--2:30 More Coffee
2:30--3:15 Alina Bucur (UC San Diego)
Statistics for the number of points on curves over finite fields
3:15--4:00 Byoung Du Kim (Victoria)
Two-variable p-adic L-functions of modular forms for non-ordinary primes
4:00--4:15 Definitely more Coffee
4:15--5:00 Victor Flynn (Oxford)
Fermat Quartics and Serre's Challenge Curve
5:00--7:00 Welcome Reception and Registration for NZ Mathematics Colloquium


Click here for a pdf of the abstracts


For further information contact Steven Galbraith, Mathematics Department, University of Auckland.