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(11) Guzman G., Bandala V.M., King C.C. (1993) Further observations on the genus Psilocybe in New Zealand Mycotaxon XLVI 161-70.

Four new records of Psilocybe were studied, P. australiana Guzman & Watling and P. eucalypta Guzman & Watling, both previously known from Australia, and P. semilanceata (Fr. : Secr.) Kumm. and P. coprophIla (Bull. : Fr.) Kumm. both widely distributed species. Other studied material probably represents a new species belonging to the Section Semilanceatae. At present there are eight species of Psilocybe from New Zealand, all of them with psychotropic properties, except P. novae-zelandlae Guzman & Horak and P. coprophlla. P. aucklandii has been described in a previous paper, A New Species of Psilocybe of Section Zapatecorum from New Zealand.

Fig. 15. Localities of the collections of the known species of Psilocybe from New Zealand (except that of P. sp. from Margot and Walling, 1981). 1: 25 km N of Auckland, Wood Hill State Park (P. aucklandii), 2: Moehau Range, Port Charles, near Colville (P. sp.), 3: 20 km West of Auckland. near Oratia (P. australiana), 4: NW of New Plymouth (P. eucalypta). 5: Waimea plains, near Wakefield (P. coprophila), 6: SE of Wakefield, Inangahua junction (P. semllanceata), and 7: Canterbury, Mt. Grey, Kowai Bush (P. novae zelandiae).

Illustrations of several of the above species appear in Psilocybe Mushrooms of the World by Paul Stamets. Here are some preview illustrations of other species in the genus from the book. For release details consult: Fungi Perfecti.

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