(6) King C.C., (1990), Did Membrane Electrochemistry Precede Translation? Origins of Life & Evolution of the Biosphere 20 15-25.

The discovery of RNA-based enzymes, such as ribonuclease-P, has stimulated new interest in the idea that catalytic functions of RNA preceded the use of coded enzymes during an era loosely termed 'the RNA world'. This paper examines various lines of evidence which support the idea that electrochemical processes associated with the membrane may have preceded the development of coded protein enzymes and may have provided a basis for the phosphorylation energy of the RNA world.

Nucleotide associated NAD, FAD, CoA and B12 display common potentially prebiotic structures.

Hypothetical components of primitive electron transport.

Potentially primal syntheses of amine-containing neurotransmitters and phosphatidyl choline.