Chris KING (Senior Lecturer May 1969 - Nov 2009)

My research continues:

  1. Symbiotic Existential Cosmology 7-2021 This article resolves the central enigma of existential cosmology – the nature and role of subjective experience – thus providing a direct solution to the "hard problem of consciousness". This solves, in a single coherent cosmological description, the core existential questions surrounding the role of the biota in the universe, and the underlying process supporting subjective consciousness. It has profound consequences for the future of biodiversity and for humanity's understanding of the universe at large.
  2. The_Covid Climate Elucidation: 5-2020 Covid, Climate Crisis, Sexual Evolution and the Future of Humanity
  3. The Covid-19 / SARS-Cov-2 Papers: 3-2020 – 7-2021 A Malthusian Catastrophe Waiting to Happen
  4. The Complexity Dynamics of Magic Cubes and Twisty Puzzles 2019
  5. The Intrigues and Delights of Kleinian and Quasi-Fuchsian Limit Sets 2019 Mathematical Intelligencer doi:10.1007/s00283-018-09856-6 Preprint
  6. Kleinian and Quasi-Fuchsian Limit Sets: An Open Source Toolbox 2018 This article presents a full development of the research into Kleinian and quasi-Fuchsian limit sets described in the work Indra's Pearls, with a complete functioning depth first search algorithm in both generic native C and in Matlab, with the C version encapsulated into a Mac app DFS Viewer, for depicting virtually all quasi-Fuchsian and Kleinian limit sets.
  7. An Intrepid Tour of the Complex Fractal World 2016 using Dark Heart 2.0 Complex Viewer Package for Mac.
    Exploring chaos through a new integrated package depicting the fractal dynamics of virtually every complex function from simple quadratics, through polynomials, rational and transcendental functions to Riemann zeta and cutting edge zeta and L-functions.
  8. The Physics and Computational Exploration of Zeta and L-functions 2016 This article presents a spectrum of 4-D global portraits of a diversity of zeta and L-functions, using currently devised numerical methods and explores the implications of these functions in enriching the understanding of diverse areas in physics, from thermodynamics, and phase transitions, through quantum chaos to cosmology. The Riemann hypothesis is explored from both sides of the divide, comparing cases where the hypothesis remains unproven, such as the Riemann zeta function, with cases where it has been proven true, such as Selberg zeta functions.
  9. Holy War Against Science: 2016 Evolution versus Intelligent Design. Explains why the evolutionary tree of life is correct while creationism and ID is a religious deception, and shows how nature can give us a superior spiritual view of the universe and life within it.
  10. The Resplendence Codex 2015 This article investigates how the quest for apocalypse compromises our ability to care for the natural diversity and viability of the planet in resplendence and how a change of paradigm could solve this.
  11. Religion, Politics, Sexual Reproduction and the Future of Human Society This article provides an in depth investigation of the causes and solutions of the serious long-term instabilites facing human society including climate change,resource depletion habitat destriction and over-population in terms of fertility, and the effects of religion and politics on human ability to deal with future change.
  12. The Hyperactive Resting Brain on MEG A two minute MEG profile of a subject in the resting state from the Human Connectome Project generated using wavelet transforms to show interactions between alpha, beta and gamma oscillations suggesting wave coherence processing as occurs in quantum processes.
  13. Taming Riemann's Tiger: Jan 2015 Has a young Indian i-Phone Programmer Solved the Most Challenging Enigma in Mathematics?
  14. Chronicles of Insomnia and the Magic Bullet's Poisoned Chalice Dec 2014 How to get a good night's sleep and persuade a quarter of women in the US to take drugs.
  15. Nature, Violence, Consciousness, Sexuality and World Religion Oct 2014 This article is an unveiling expose of the lethal fallacies that underly the religious traditions which between them are followed by a majority of people on this planet, and which between them constitute one of the most principal threats to the future survival of humanity.
  16. Space, Time and Consciousness Feb 2014 This paper presents a potential mechanism for the conscious brain to anticipate impending opportunities and threats to survival through massively parallel weak quantum measurement (MPWQM) induced by the combined effects of edge of chaos sensitivity and phase coherence sampling of brain states. It concludes that the underpinnings of this process emerged in single-celled eucaryotes.
  17. Sex, Genes, Politics and Company Law: Can Capitalist Democracy coexist with Human Survival? Aug 2013 This article investigates whether electoral democracy and corporate activity, lacking any real genetic stability and prone to winner-take-all exploitation, particularly of natural resources; able to change from a shark to a tiger by a simple act of recapitalization; and often short-lived in a predatory merry-go-round of relentless takeover and corporate cannibalism; driven only by the profit imperative and the vagaries of the free market, can provide any basis for long-term economic and ecological sustainability. We also examine how both capitalism and democracy are manifestly social products of the male gender to the exclusion of the immortal sex men live their lives to fertilize, unearth the inevitable Machiavellian strategies of deceit that coexist in any climax society and seek the keys to an ecological completion of the economic quest for a life of natural abundance.
  18. The Cosmology of Conscious Mental States May 2013 We explore the diversity of mental states, and examine to what extent these are both a product of specific known brain processes and yet may access a complementary aspect of existence to the cosmology of the physical universe and its natural biosystems, potentially giving mental states an existential cosmological status.
  19. Stripping God Naked: The Cosmology of Unveiling Jan 2013 An overview of the evolution of human sexual and religious concepts common to our founding cultures and their implications for world crisis today. (to appear Sci. God J. 2013).
  20. Culture Out of Africa Jan 2013 New edition of our chapter from Sexual Paradox: Complementarity, Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence to include current research on genetic evolution of founding human peoples along with cross-cultural investigations of diverse Bushman, Hottentot, Pygmy, and Nilotic peoples.
  21. Entheogens, the Conscious Brain and Existential Reality June 2012 A 'state of the art' research overview of what is currently known about how entheogens, including the classic psychedelics, affect the brain and transform conscious experience through their altered receptor dynamics, and to explore their implications for understanding the conscious brain and its relationship to existential reality, and their potential utility in our cultural maturation and understanding of the place of sentient life in the universe.
  22. Riemann Zeta Viewer 1.7 Sept 2012 Lion compatible version, extended to include fourth degree L-functions, and Mellin transform methods for Dirichlet, modular form, and elliptic curve L-functions.
  23. The Tree of Life: Tangled Roots and Sexy Shoots: Tracing the genetic pathway from the first eucaryotes to Homo sapiens Jan 2009-Jun 2012 A fully referenced research review to overview progress in unraveling the details of the Tree of Life, from life's first occurrence in the hypothetical RNA-era, to humanity's own emergence and diversification, through migration and intermarriage, using research diagrams and brief discussion of the current state of the art, as of the beginning of 2009. DNA Decypher Journal 1
  24. CA2D for Mac Jan 2012 Open souce cellular automata application including diverse systems, from simulations scarring of the wave function in quantum chaos to the prisoners' dilemma in evolutionary modeling.
  25. A Dynamical Key to the Riemann Hypothesis May 2011 This note sets out a dynamical basis for the non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function being on the critical line x = 1⁄2. It does not prove the Riemann Hypothesis (RH), but it does give a dynamical explanation for why zeta and the Dirichlet L-functions do have their non-trivial zeros on the critical line and why other closely related functions do not. It suggests RH is an additional unprovable postulate of the number system, similar to the axiom of choice, associated with the limiting behavior of the primes as n tends to infinity
  26. Fractal Geography of the Zeta Function Mar 2011 The quadratic Mandelbrot set has been referred to as the most complex and beautiful object in mathematics and the Riemann Zeta function takes the prize for the most complicated and enigmatic function. Here we elucidate the spectrum of Mandelbrot and Julia sets of Zeta, to unearth the geography of its chaotic and fractal diversities, combining these two extremes into one intrepid journey into the deepest abyss of complex function space.
  27. Cosmological Foundations of Consciousness Jan 2011 Journal of Cosmology (Overview) This paper explores the cosmological basis of consciousness and subjective experience from cosmic symmetry breaking through biogenesis, and eucaryote emergence, to the human brain.
  28. Cutting Through the Enigma of Consciousness November 2010 Exploring the dimensions of subjective consciousness and the ultimate theory of everything.
  29. Cosmology of Sexual Paradox and the Fall August 2010 This is the article that came out of our talk in Jerusalem, while on our chaotic 90-day orbit of the planet. It is an in-depth and wide ranging review supported by cosmological science and human cultural and genetic history with significant implications for utopian patriarchal religions and the future of humanity.

My main area of interest is the application of chaotic and fractal dynamics to neurobiology and the nature of conscious sensory processing. I also have research interest in the following areas, prebiotic chemical stability structures and the development of the genetic code, evolution of transposable genetic elements, fungal taxonomy, remote wind power design, quantum cosmology and sexual game theory.

Conservation of genetic diversity and the effects of reproductive technologies on human evolutionary viability are top priorities.

A Taboo Kind of Retirement Apology 12th Nov 2009 (on the Eve of Friday 13th). Many thanks to everyone who attended and/or helped with my retirement farewell. Enclosed, in return is my farewell present to you all. In the emerging tradition of lightning electronic publication, this is an illustrated research version of my farewell speech with live links to the current ground-breaking developments mentioned and a short reference list of my research overviews. Media Publishing and Research Web Site

MATHS 745 Chaos, Fractals and Bifurcations Course Materials Semester 1 2009

Mac XCode Mathematical Software Jan 2010 (See Exploding the Dark Heart of Chaos for theory and explanation)

The most up-to-date downloadable releases of the major XCode applications, which have been tested for both Tiger and Snow Leopard are as follows:

  1. Riemann Zeta Viewer: Application - Source - RZ Flight Manual
  2. Dark Heart Viewer: Application - Source - DH Flight Manual
  3. CA2D Cellular Automata Viewer - Application, Source and Manual
  4. Wave Function Method Viewer: Application - Source - WF Flight Manual
  5. Modified Inverse Iteration Viewer: Application - Source
  6. MATLAB Zeta Collatz Toolbox with XCode viewers: Download - Manual
  7. Herman Ring 4D parameter Viewer: Application - Source
  8. Eight Critical Point csin(z)/z Viewer: Application - Source
  9. Collatz 3n+1 Complex Map Viewer: Application - Source

Research Papers

  1. The Ising Model of Spin Interactions as an Oracle of Self-Organized Criticality, Fractal Mode-Locking and Power Law Statistics in Neurodynamics Aug 2009 This short report highlights properties of fractality and self-organized criticality in the Ising model of ferromagnetism and how these ideas can be applied using wavelet transforms to comparisons with the study of self-organized criticality in neurodynamics. Matlab programs are provided to freely replicate the results.
  2. Exploring Quantum and Classical Chaos in the Stadium Billiard 9 July 2009, 2013 Quanta 3/1 16-31 DOI: 10.12743/quanta.v3i1.23
    This paper explores quantum and classical chaos in the stadium billiard using Matlab simulations to investigate the behavior of wave functions in the stadium and the corresponding classical orbits believed to underlie wave function scarring.
  3. Experimental Observations on the Riemann Hypothesis, and the Collatz Conjecture 22 May 2009
    This paper seeks to explore whether the Riemann hypothesis falls into a class of putatively unprovable mathematical conjectures, which arise as a result of unpredictable irregularity. It also seeks to provide an experimental basis to discover some of the mathematical enigmas surrounding these conjectures, by providing Matlab and C programs which the reader can use to explore and better understand these systems.
  4. Exploding the Dark Heart of Chaos 8th March 2009
    This paper, with its associated graphical software and movies, is an investigation of the universality of the cardioid at the centre of the cyclone of chaotic discrete dynamics, the quadratic 'heart' forming the main body of the classic Mandelbrot set. Using techniques investigating and exploring the continuity, bifurcations and explosions in its related Julia sets, we demonstrate its universality across a wide spread of analytic functions of a complex variable, extending from the classical quadratic, through higher polynomials and rational functions, to transcendental functions and their compositions. The approach leads to some interesting and provocative results, including decoding satellite periodicities, and multiple critical point analysis, leading to layered Mandelbrot sets, and intriguing issues of critical point sensitivity in the irregular structures in the Mariana trenches of the more complex functions.
  5. The Central Enigma of Consciousness Nature Precedings 5 November 2008 JCER Jan 2011
    The nature and physical basis of consciousness remains the central enigma of the scientific description of reality in the third millennium. This paper seeks to examine the phenomenal nature of subjective consciousness and elucidate a possible biophysical basis for its existence, in terms of a form of quantum anticipation based on entangled states driven by chaotic sensitivity of global brain dynamics during decision-making processes. Evidence is presented for the evolutionary emergence of chaotic excitation as a universal sense organ in the founding eucaryotes, which then became used in a context-sensitive manner by complex central nervous systems, leading to the dynamical brain.
  6. Why the Universe is Fractal 2008
    Review of fractal processes in cosmology and the genesis of biological complexity.
  7. Sensory Transduction and Subjective Experience: Expression of eight genes in three senses suggests a radical model of consciousness PDF Original Preprint 14 Jan 2007, revised 21 June 2007 Nature Precedings 1 Jan 2008, Activitas Nervosa Superior 2009; 51:1,45-50.
    Recent research into the mouse genome and whole genome mapping of the mouse brain has made possible direct investigation of the brain expression of unusual genes. A search of the Allen Brain Atlas database for encephalopsin, otocadherin, espin, otoferlin and stomatin-like protein 3 has provided genetic evidence for widespread specific expression in the brain of five genes ostensibly specific to sensory transduction, in vision, hearing and touch. A novel biophysical model is proposed for the biophysical function of their proteins, in generating the internal model of experiential reality.
  8. The 'Core' Concept and the Mathematical Mind Preprint 4th Feb 2007 PDF
    Abstract pure mathematics is often seen as an 'inverted pyramid', in which algebra and analysis stand at the focal point, without which students could not possibly have a firm grounding for graduate studies. This paper examines a variety of evidence from brain studies of mathematical cognition, from mathematics in early child development, from studies of the gatherer-hunter mind, from a variety of puzzles, games and other human activities, from theories emerging from physical cosmology, and from burgeoning mathematical resources on the internet that suggest, to the contrary, that mathematics is more akin to a maze than a focally-based hierarchy, that topology, geometry and dynamics are fundamental to the human mathematical mind, and that an exclusive focus on algebra and analysis may rather explain an increasing rift between modern mathematics and the 'real world' of the human population.
  9. Quantum Cosmology and the Hard Problem of the Conscious Brain 2006 in "The Emerging Physics of Consciousness" Springer (Ed.) Jack Tuszynski 407-456.
    The conscious brain poses the most serious unsolved problem for science at the beginning of the third millennium. Not only is the whole basis of subjective conscious experience lacking adequate physical explanation, but the relationship between causality and intentionally willed action remains equally obscure. We explore a model resolving major features of the so-called 'hard problem in consciousness research' through cosmic subject-object complementarity. The model combines transactional quantum theory, with chaotic and fractal dynamics as a basis for a direct relationship between phase coherence in global brain states and anticipatory boundary conditions in quantum systems, complementing these with key features of conscious perception, and intentional will. The aim is to discover unusual physical properties of excitable cells which may form a basis for the evolutionary selection of subjective consciousness, because the physics involved in its emergence permits anticipatory choices which strongly favour survival.
  10. Cosmic Symmetry-breaking, Bifurcation, Fractality and Biogenesis 2004 Neuroquantology 3 149-185 PDF.
  11. Sexual Paradox: Complementarity, Reproductive Conflict and Human Emergence 2004 450pp A treatise on the paradoxical nature of cosmic complementarity and the strategic relationship between the sexes in biological evolution and human cultural emergence. "Sexual Paradox" unveils the subterranean realities underlying our cultural future. It is a book about sexual paradox, the nemesis of our pretensions, yet the genesis of our living destinies. It demonstrates that sexual paradox is at the core of all descriptions of reality, lurking in the quantum realm and in the relationship between body and mind as much as in our hormone-steeped bodies and rising pulses. It presents the idea of sexual paradox as a cosmic principle spanning the widest realms, from physics, through biology to our social futures.
  12. Chaos Quantum-transactions and Consciousness - A Biophysical Model of the Intentional Mind 2003 Neuroquantology 1 129-148. PDF
  13. Biocosmology 2000, 2002 PDF An investigation of biogenesis and biological evolution, as the interactive culmination of cosmic symmetry-breaking, in generating fractal complexity, from molcular complexes, through cell organelles, to tissues, and ultimately the generation of subjective consciousness.
  14. The Codex of the Tree of Life 1999, 2006
  15. Genesis of Eden - Diversity Encyclopedia 1998-2003, with additions to 2009 CD publication
  16. Quantum Mechanics, Chaos and the Conscious Brain. - 1997 J. Mind and Behavior 18/2 155-170.
  17. Fractal Neurodynamics and Quantum Chaos : Resolving the Mind-Brain Paradox through Novel Biophysics - 1996 Advances in Consciousness Research The Secret Symmetry : Fractals of Brain Mind and Consciousness (eds.) E. Mac Cormack and M. Stamenov, John Betjamin.
  18. Further observations on the genus Psilocybe in New Zealand - 1993 Mycotaxon XLVI 161-709
  19. Modular Transposition and the Structure of Eucaryote Regulatory Evolution - 1992 Genetica 86 127-142
  20. Wind and Solar Hybrids for getting a high quality continuous electricity supply - 1991 Solar Progress 12(3,4) 4-9
  21. A New Species of Psilocybe of Section Zapatecorum from New Zealand. - 1991 Mycological Res. 95/4 507-508
  22. Fractal and Chaotic Dynamics in Nervous Systems - 1991 Progress in Neurobiology 36 279-308
  23. Did Membrane Electrochemistry Precede Translation? - 1990 Origins of Life & Evolution of the Biosphere 20 15-25
  24. Dual-Time Supercausality - 1989 Physics Essays 2/2 128-151
  25. A Model for Transposon-Mediated Eucaryote Regulatory Evolution - 1985 J. Theor. Biol. 114 447
  26. A Design for a Smoothly Generating Power System that uses both Wind and Solar Power - 1983 N.Z. Jour. Tech., 1
  27. A Model for the Development of Genetic Translation - 1982 Origins of Life, 12 405-417
  28. Unified Field Theories and the Origin of Life - 1978 Ak. Univ. Math. Reps. My Private Web Site

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