Igor Klep - Preprints


(77)    Geometry of free loci and factorization of noncommutative polynomials, latest revision 6 September 2017 (with and ). Also published as Oberwolfach Preprint 2017-23.

(76)    Positive trace polynomials and the universal Procesi-Schacher conjecture, latest revision 26 July 2017 (with and )

(75)    Bianalytic maps between spectrahedra and spectraballs, latest revision 25 November 2017 (with , and )

(74)    Minimizer extraction in polynomial optimization is robust, latest revision 6 October 2017 (with , )

(73)    A Matrix Positivstellensatz with lifting polynomials, latest revision 13 January 2018 (with )

(72)    Multipartite rational functions, latest revision 8 January 2016 (with and )

To be published

(71)    Bianalytic Maps Between Free Spectrahedra, Mathematische Annalen (with , and )

(70)    There are many more positive maps than completely positive maps, International Mathematics Research Notices (with , and ). Supplementary material (a Mathematica notebook file) is available as a nb file, and as a pdf file.

(69)    Dilations, Linear Matrix Inequalities, the Matrix Cube Problem and Beta Distributions, Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society (with , and )

(68)    Extreme points of matrix convex sets, free spectrahedra and dilation theory, Journal of Geometric Analysis (with Eric Evert, and )