Seminar on Low-Dimensional Topology

A weekly learning seminar on topics in Low-Dimensional Topology at The University of Auckland.

2023 Semester 1

Time and Venue: Wednesday at 3-4pm in room 303-257.

Organised by: Pedram Hekmati and Joshua Lehman


Date Speaker Topic
15 March Joshua Teichmüller Geometry and Pseudo-Anosov Diffeomorphisms
22 March Xavier Hurwitz Numbers and TQFT
29 March Elliott Introduction to Knots
5 April Elliott Grid Homology
12 April Pedram Heegaard Floer Homology
19 April Joshua Three Dimensions, Surface Bundles and Mapping Class Groups
26 April Ari Visualisations of Hyperbolic Geometry
3 May Jeroen Endomorphisms of the Braid Group
10 May Joshua Geometrization and Seifert Fiber Manifolds
17 May Elliott Geometry in Knot Theory
24 May Elliott Knot Theory in Geometry
31 May Xavier Knot Invariants from Topological Recursion