Geometry and Topology Learning Seminar

A weekly learning seminar at The University of Auckland for students to discuss various topics in pure mathematics, with an emphasis on geometry, topology and their connection to physics.

2019 Semester 2

Time and Venue: Wednesdays at 2-3PM in room 303-257 unless indicated otherwise.

Organised by: Chi-Kwong Fok, Pedram Hekmati.

Date Speaker Topic
21 August   (303-G15) Elizabeth Jagersmo The Reidemeister torsion
28 August   (1-2pm)Olivia Sorto The Wang-Ziller construction of Einstein metrics
4 September Sean Carroll Sheaf cohomology and schemes
11 September   (303-310)Mostafa Raziebrahimsaraei The Borel-Weil theorem
18 September Lukas Zobernig Moduli spaces of elliptic curves
25 SeptemberDaniel Snell Curved BGG sequences
2 October   (303-310) Lukas Zobernig Picard group of moduli spaces of curves
9 October   (303-G16)Pedram Hekmati Moduli spaces of flat connections
16 October   (303-G15) Marcos Orseli Introduction to symplectic geometry
23 OctoberOlivia Sorto Einstein manifolds
30 October Jeroen Schillewaert Quasi-isometries
6 NovemberAlex Fok Topological quantum field theory
13 November Elizabeth Jagersmo Analytic torsion and BF-theory
20 NovemberLukas Zobernig Physics Primer
27 November Pedram Hekmati Topological T-duality