Title Thin geometries for the Suzuki simple group Sz(8)
Author Dimitri Leemans
Reference Bull. Belg. Math. Soc. - Simon Stevin, 5(1998), no. 2-3, 373-387.
Math. Reviews 99f:51021
Zentralblatt 930.510009
Abstract We classify, up to isomorphism, all the thin residually connected geometries on which the group $Sz(8)$ acts flag-transitively. We obtain 183 thin geometries, all of rank 3. We compute all their rank 2 truncations. When the Neumaier construction is applyable, we give the geometries obtained from this construction and we mention whether they are regular or chiral. Most of the results obtained here rely on computer algebra.
A file containing all the thin geometries of Sz(8) and their rank 2 truncations as sequences of sequences of subgroups that can be read using Magma can be obtained by clicking here.

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