Title The residually weakly primitive geometries of the Suzuki simple group Sz(8)
Author Dimitri Leemans
Reference In C.M. Campbell et al. (editors), Groups St Andrews, II , London Math. Soc. Lect. Notes 261(1999), 517-526.
Math. Reviews 2000h:51025
Zentralblatt 934.51009
Abstract We determine all firm and residually connected geometries on which the group Sz(8) acts flag-transitively and residually weakly primitively. This work was the starting point of a more ambitious work: trying to classify all geometries of a Suzuki simple group Sz(q). The case q = 8 which is completely determined here, is the smallest case and the only one that is currently possible to analyse completely using the computer algebra package Magma. The rank 2 case was classified for all q in "The Rank 2 Geometries of the Simple Suzuki Groups Sz(q)". The results obtained in this paper rely partially on computer algebra.
A file containing all the RWPRI geometries of Sz(8) as sequences of sequences of subgroups that can be read using Magma can be obtained by clicking here.

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