Title The Residually Weakly Primitive Geometries of Sym(5)x2
Authors Philippe Cara and Dimitri Leemans
Reference Discrete Math. 255(2002), nr. 1-3, 35-45.
Math. Reviews 2003i: 51012.
Abstract We classify all firm and residually connected geometries satisfying the intersection property (IP)_2, and on which the group Sym(5)x2 acts flag-transitively and residually weakly primitively. This work was motivated by a study of the Ivanov-Shpectorov geometry for the O'Nan sporadic simple group. We show that all geometries are either direct sums of geometries of Sym(5) and 2 satisfying the same properties or are extensions of lower rank geometries given by a theorem of Leemans (see Leemans' Master's Thesis). The results obtained here rely partially on computer algebra.
The list of geometries of Sym(5)x2 can be downloaded in Postscript version.

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