Title On the List of Finite Primitive Permutation Groups of Degree Less Than 50
Authors Francis Buekenhout and Dimitri Leemans
Reference J. Symbolic Comput., 22(1996), 215-225.
Math. Reviews 97g:20004
Zentralblatt 870.20003
Abstract We complete data in Sims' list of the 406 primitive permutation groups of degree less than 50 as given in a CAYLEY library, by an explicit description of the structure of the 202 groups missing till now. The completed list is available in MAGMA.
Errata The orbits of the 21st group of degree 25 are 1^5, 10^2 instead of 1^5, 2^10. (P-O. Dehaye).
The group P31N2 has structure D(62) instead of D(52). (P-O. Dehaye).

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