Title On Flag-Transitive Incidence Geometries of Rank 6 for the Mathieu Group M(12)
Authors Francis Buekenhout, Michel Dehon and Dimitri Leemans
Reference In L. Di Martino, W.E. Kantor, G. Lunardon, A. Pasini (editors), Groups and Geometries, Birkhauser, 1998, 39-54.
Math. Reviews 99m:51017
Zentralblatt 899.51006
Abstract We show that the Mathieu group M(12) does not have geometries of rank greater or equal to 6, satisfying the RWPRI and (IP)_2 conditions. Our proof of this result is based on classifications of geometries of some subgroups of M(12) which have been obtained using MAGMA programs.

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