Title The Residually Weakly Primitive Geometries of the Dihedral Groups
Author Dimitri Leemans
Reference Atti Sem. Mat. Fis. Univ. Modena XLVIII(2000), 179-190.
Math. Reviews 2001e:05027
Zentralblatt 0967.51002
Abstract We classify all geometries on which a dihedral group $D_{2n}$, with $n \geq 2$ an integer, acts residually weakly primitively: for each flag $\cal F$, its stabilizer acts primitively on the elements of some type in the residue $\Gamma_{\cal F}$. It turns out that all the geometries obtained are firm, residually connected and flag-transitive, and all of their rank 2 residues satisfy the intersection property.

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