Title An Atlas of Residually Weakly Primitive Geometries for Small Groups
Authors Francis Buekenhout, Michel Dehon and Dimitri Leemans
Reference Acad. roy. Belgique, Mem. Cl. Sci., Col. 8, Ser. 3, Tome XIV(1999), 175 pp.
Math. Reviews not available yet
Zentralblatt 923.51009
Abstract Using a series of CAYLEY programs, we get all firm, residually connected geometries whose rank 2 residues satisfy the intersection property and on which a "small" flag-transitive group G is acting in such a way that for each flag F, the stabilizer G(F) acts primitively on the elements of some type, in the residue of F.
Errata Geometries of Alt(7)
There are two non-conjugate geometries like number 3 of rank 3.
In rank 4, geometries 6, 9 and 11 are (2T)_1.
In the diagram of geometry 11 of rank 4, reverse the two c's.

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