Algebraic, Topological and Complexity
Aspects of Graph Covers

ATCAGC 2010 Workshop
Auckland, New Zealand, 15-19 February 2010

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This research workshop will focus on graph coverings and their applications in different areas of mathematics such as algebraic graph theory, models of computation, and computational complexity. The aim is to bring together researchers working on these diverse ends of graph coverings, to introduce their approaches and results to one another, and to try to continue joint research in and between these fields. To achieve this we plan to have a small number of survey talks, several open problem sessions, and ample time for discussions and problem solving.

This is the second workshop in ATCAGC series; the first was held in February 2009 in Finse, Norway.


The ATCAGC 2010 Workshop will be held at the University of Auckland, which is located in the centre of Auckland, New Zealand, the week 15-19 February 2010. The weather in Auckland in February is usually excellent - the best part of New Zealand's summer - with temperatures between 22 and 27 degrees C most days, and little rain.

All the workshop sessions will be held in Room 279, Computer Science Department, Building 303 Extension, which is on the corner of Princes St and Wellesley St. For reference, here is a campus map (pdf 1.2MB).


Here is a preliminary list of participants:


The schedule is yet to be decided


If you are visiting from overseas, you might or might need a visa to enter New Zealand. See visa-free countries for more details.

If you are visiting from overseas, you might like to check the airfares available through APX Travel, the University of Auckland's travel supplier, which can issue airline tickets.

For transport from the Auckland airport to Auckland's central business district (CBD), which is where the University of Auckland is located, you have several options, all of which depart from just outside the airport:


Participants should organise their own accommodation. There are several possibilities:


If you wish to participate in this workshop, then please contact one of the organisers, or fill in your details below and click on the "Submit" button.

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Unless numbers of participants get too large, there will be no registration fee for this workshop.


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