Some recent theses by Auckland students

William Wright, PhD thesis: "General linear methods with inherent Runge-Kutta stability" 2002 (as pdf)
Pui-Sze Priscilla Tse, MSc thesis: "Lie Group Methods in Geometric Integration" 2002 (as postscript) (as pdf)
Shirley Jun Ying Huang, PhD thesis: " Imlementation of general linear methods for stiff ordinary differential equations" 2005 (as pdf)
Nicolette Rattenbury, PhD thesis: " Almost Runge-Kutta methods for stiff and non-stiff problems" 2005 (as postscript) (as pdf)
Jane Hyo Jin Lee, MSc thesis: "Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations: a survey of some standard methods" 2004 (as postscript) (as pdf)

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