Errors, Corrections and Chocolate Fish

Although I take no pride in my ability to make mistakes it would be untrue to say I never make them.  In fact this book is probably full of them.

I welcome information that will help me get some of the mistakes corrected.  The best way to let me know is by e-mail and, if I understand what you have told me and I agree with it, I will add it to the list of corrections which can be viewed in either pdf or ps.

Chocolate Fish are a characteristic type of confectionary in New Zealand.  They are typically about 12cm long and are made of marshmallow and coated in chocolate.  They are of course shaped like fish.

I will try to reward the first person who finds each mistake with a chocolate fish, with a limit of one per person.  You have to come to Auckland to collect this reward but there may be other benefits in doing this, such as lunch with members of the Runge-Kutta club.