Auckland Numerical Analysis Workshops

Numerical ordinary differential equations in theory and practice

29 June 1998 - 10 July 1998

Auckland, New Zealand


About Auckland Numerical Analysis Workshops

These workshops will take place over the years 1998 to 2000 and are supported by a grant from the New Zealand Marsden Fund. Present plans are that there should be a major international workshop each year with occasional smaller informal meetings in New Zealand, and possibly in Australia.

1998 workshop on Numerical Ordinary Differential Equations

This will take place in Auckland, New Zealand, during the two week period 29 June 1998 to 10 July 1998. It will feature several main series of lectures by prominent numerical analysts. There will also be scheduled lectures by other participants, organised to some extent into minisymposia. It is hoped to make provision for impromptu presentations on work, as it develops, arising from discussions amongst people taking part in the workshop.


The venue will be the City campus of the University of Auckland. Auckland is a moderately sized city of just over 1 million people and is situated on latitude 37 degrees South. The University of Auckland has approximately 26000 students and operates on two campuses, both within greater Auckland. The City campus is a few minutes walk from the commercial centre of downtown Auckland and close to restaurants and hotels. Auckland International Airport is approximately 35 km from the city. There are several flights per day to and from European cities, USA, Australia, many Asian countries and the Pacific Islands. There are also two flights per week to and from South America. Even though June and July are within the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather in Auckland is expected to be quite mild with the temperature never going as low as freezing point at night or below about 12 degrees Celcius during the day. There may be some rain but winter days in Auckland can be very beautiful, clear and sunny, even though they will be a little on the cool side. It wouldn't hurt to bring a light woollen garment or two and perhaps a raincoat or umbrella.

Workshop format

The first week of the workshop, 29 June to 3 July, will be focussed on formal presentations. These will consist of 3 two-hour lectures by each of the three principal speakers, with ample time for lectures by other participants. It is planned to take Wednesday afternoon off for an organised excursion (details of this are not yet available). The main conference banquet is planned for Thursday evening, 2 July. It is expected that there will be less emphasis on formal lectures during the second week. It is anticipated that participants will want to spend part of this week working amongst themselves and the organisers will do all they can to facilitate this. It is expected that there might be a need to arrange times for informal and impromptu presentations; times for this will be scheduled into the programme as the details become known.

Related conferences

The following related meetings will also take place about the time of the Auckland workshop

It is possible that some participants in the workshop may also wish to play some part in the New Zealand Mathematics Colloquium. Hence, on Monday 6 July, there will be a minimum of organised activity in Auckland so that people can be free to go to Wellington (a flying distance of approximately 700km) just for that day if they wish. However, the workshop will still be operating with full assistance from the organisers.

People participating in the workshop in Queensland are welcome to take part also in at least part of the Auckland workshop. It is very convenient to travel from Auckland to Brisbane (a distance of approximately 2500km) and other Australian cities and it is possible, from some destinations, to arrange things so that it costs almost the same to travel to Australia via New Zealand as it costs to travel there directly.

Conferences planned for 1999 include the following:

Invited speakers

The following internationally known speakers have agreed to present series of lectures at the workshop

Draft Programme

A draft programme, for the workshop has now been constructed. Please let the organisers know as soon as possible of any late offers to speak at the workshop and we will do our best to accommodate you. Existing speakers are also invited to let the organisers know of any change they feel is necessary.

List of Participants

Follow this link to a list of people who have already registered.


It is hoped that arrangements can be made to publish the proceedings of this workshop. Details will be added to this page as soon as they are known.

Important dates


Electronic registration is now available. Please register as soon as possible to help us with our planning.
  1. Registration fee for the two week workshop: $NZ350.
  2. Registration for the first week only: $NZ250.
  3. Registration for the second week only: $NZ150.
  4. Student registration: $NZ150.

The cost of the first week includes the banquet on Thursday evening and the excursion on Wednesday afternoon. It also includes morning and afternoon refreshments.


Accommodation is available at O'Rorke Hall, a modern student residence. The price is $NZ59 per night for a single room including breakfast. Other options are the Park Central Apartment Hotels. Prices range from $NZ100 per night for a studio apartment to $NZ193.75 for a two bedroom apartment. There are also apartments in each of these categories of a slightly higher quality and price. The prices quoted here include taxes and apply only to bookings made by the conference organisers on your behalf. O'Rorke Hall and all the Park Central Hotels are within 5 minutes walk of the University. Information is available on request, on other accommodation, but it will be necessary for you to make reservations directly.

Organising committee


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