Bill Barton


M.Sc. Hons (2nd Div I) (Mathematics), University of Auckland, 1971

Dip Tchg, Christchurch Teachers College, 1973

M.Phil. (Education), Massey University, 1981

Maori Language to Stage 2, Massey University, 1988

Ph.D., University of Auckland, 1996, Thesis: "Ethnomathematics: Exploring Cultural Diversity in Mathematics"

Spanish Language to 200-level, University of Auckland, 2002


Academic positions

11 yrs secondary mathematics teaching in New Zealand during 1973-89

4 yrs university mathematics teaching in Swaziland, Africa 1977-81

1 yr curriculum development, Ministry of Education, NZ 1985

McCarthy Research Fellowship, Victoria University, 1990

Lecturer in Mathematics Education, Auckland College of Education, 1991-2

Visiting Lecturer to RECSAM, Penang, April, 1991

Lecturer in Mathematics Education, The University of Auckland, 1993 -

NZAMT Bevan Werry Memorial speaker, 1995

Lecturer in Mathematics Education, The University of Auckland, 1993 - 96

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education, The University of Auckland, 1997 -

Associate Professor in Mathematics Education, The University of Auckland, 2002-present

Research Projects

Maori Mathematics Vocabulary Project (with Maori Language Commission), 1986-95

Improving Student Teachers Practicuum, Auckland College of Education, 1991/2

Technology in Maths Education Exploratory Study, Ministry of Education, 1993/4

Graphics Calculators Study, In conjunction with Open University, UK, 1993-ongoing

Mathematics Curriculum Change Investigation: Student Perceptions of the Curriculum. 1994

Language & Mathematics, 1997-ongoing

Topological Concepts and Language, 1998-ongoing (Funded by Marsden Fund)

Mathematics Enhancement Project, 2000-ongoing (Partially funded by Woolf Fisher Research Centre, Manukau City, and Ministry of Education)

Conferences Attended

International Congress on Mathematics Education, 1984, 1988, 1992 (Convenor Theme), 1996 (Theme Group Keynote Speaker), 2000 (Convenor Working), 2004(International Programme Committee member)

International Congress on the Teaching of Statistics, 1990

SEACME 5, Brunei Darrusalam, 1990

UNESCO Matematika Pasefika Conference, Waikato, 1992

UNESCO Mathematics & Science Curriculum in the Pacific, Waikato 1997

Maths Education Research Group Australasia Conferences, 1992, 93(Plenary Speaker), 94, 95, 97, 01, 02(Member Programme Committee), 03.

Australian Bridging Mathematics Network Conferences, 1993, 94, 95(Plenary Speaker), 97

NZ Assoc. Maths Teachers Conferences, 1989, 91, 93, 95(Plenary Speaker), 97

NZ Assoc. Research in Education Conferences, 1990, 91, 93, 95

NZ Mathematics Colloquium, 1991, 1996, 1999

Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Conference, 1995

International History & Pedagogy of Mathematics Conference, 1995(Plenary Speaker)

South Africa Association for Research in Mathematics & Science Education 1997 (Plenary Speaker)

AARE Conference on the Third International Mathematics and Science Study, Melbourne, 1997

Symposium in Honour of Ubiratan DAmbrosio, Baltimore, 1998, Speaker

AMA/MAA Joint Meeting, Baltimore, 1998

International Conference on Ethnomathematics, 1st Granada, Spain, 1998 (Plenary Speaker); 2nd Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2002 (Plenary Speaker)

Mathematics Education and Society #1, Nottingham, England, 1998

Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group, St Catherines, 1999 (Plenary speaker)

Spring Topology Conference, Salt Lake City, 1999; Auckland, 2002

1st Brazilian Congress on Ethnomathematics, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2000 (Plenary speaker)

Technology in Mathematics Education TIME2000, Auckland, 2000

NORMA01 Nordic Mathematics Education Research conference, Sweden, 2001

Iberio-American Conference on Topology & Its Applications, 3rd, Gandia, Spain, 1999; 5th, Lorca, Spain, 2003

CERME-3, Bellaria, March, 2003

MWM Conference, Goteborg, June, 2003

Saami Ethnomathematics Conference, Jukkasjarvi, June 2003

DELTA-3 Queenstown, December, 2003

Committees, Boards & Associations

Chairman, Mathematics Education Subcommittee, Board of Studies, School of Mathematics and Information Sciences, The University of Auckland

Editorial Board of Educational Studies in Mathematics, Kluwer, Dordrecht, NL

Executive Committee, NZ Association of Mathematics Teachers

Member of the following associations:

Mathematics Education Research Group Australasia

NZ Mathematics Society

Association of University Staff

Last updated 25 June 2004

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