Associate Professor Warren Brian Moors

PhD (Newcastle)

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Associate Professor

Research | Current

Functional Analysis

Postgraduate supervision

Projects on offer

  • Applications of topology to analysis (Thesis Project)
  • Topological games and their applications to analysis (Thesis Project)

Areas of expertise

Functional analysis and topology

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Moors, W. B. (2017). Some Baire semitopological groups that are topological groups. Topology and its Applications, 230, 381-392. 10.1016/j.topol.2017.08.042
  • Moors, W. B. (2017). Weak compactness of sublevel sets. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 145 (8), 3377-3379. 10.1090/proc/13466
  • Moors, W. B. (2017). On a one-sided James' theorem. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 449 (1), 528-530. 10.1016/j.jmaa.2016.12.019
  • Moors, W. B., & White, S. J. (2017). An elementary proof of James' Characterisation of weak compactness. II. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 95 (1), 133-137. 10.1017/S0004972716000599
  • Moors, W. B. (2016). Fragmentable mappings and CHART groups. Fundamenta Mathematicae, 234 (2), 191-200. 10.4064/fm115-1-2016
  • FLETCHER, J. A. M. E. S., & MOORS, W. A. R. R. E. N. B. (2015). CHEBYSHEV SETS. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, 98 (02), 161-231. 10.1017/S1446788714000561
  • Moors, W. B. (2015). Fragmentability by the discrete metric. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, 91 (2), 303-310. 10.1017/S0004972714000926
  • Moors, W. B. (2015). Invariant means on chart groups. Khayyam Journal of Mathematics, 1 (1), 36-44. 10.22034/kjm.2015.12285