Dr Igor' Kontorovich

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Senior Lecturer

Research | Current

  • Understanding of concepts in high-school and university mathematics
  • Problem solving and problem posing
  • Defining, exemplifying and proving
  • Teachers' knowledge
  • Gifted and talented students

Areas of expertise

Mathematics Education

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Kontorovich, I. (2018). Undergraduates’ images of the root concept in ℝ and in ℂ. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 49, 184-193. 10.1016/j.jmathb.2017.12.002
  • Kontorovich, I., & Rouleau, A. (2016). To Teach or Not to Teach? Teacher-Researchers Cope With Learners' Misconceptions in Interview Settings. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 1-12. 10.1080/14926156.2016.1243278
  • Kontorovich, I. (2016). Response to Mahmood and Mahmood (2015). International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 47 (7), 1135-1135. 10.1080/0020739X.2016.1185543
  • Kontorovich, I., & Zazkis, R. (2016). Turn vs. shape: teachers cope with incompatible perspectives on angle. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 93 (2), 223-243. 10.1007/s10649-016-9699-2
  • Kontorovich, I. (2016). CONSIDERATIONS OF APTNESS IN MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM POSING: STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND EXPERT WORKING ON BILLIARD TASK. Far East Journal of Mathematical Education, 16 (3), 243-260. 10.17654/ME016030243
  • Kontorovich, I. (2016). Students' confusions with reciprocal and inverse functions. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 1-7. 10.1080/0020739X.2016.1223361
  • Kontorovich, I. (2016). The answer depends on your lecturer. Research in Mathematics Education, 18 (3), 283-298. 10.1080/14794802.2016.1234405
  • Zazkis, R., & Kontorovich, I. (2016). A curious case of superscript (−1): Prospective secondary mathematics teachers explain. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 43, 98-110. 10.1016/j.jmathb.2016.07.001