Department of Mathematics


All staff listed below can advise you on the Tuākana Mathematics Programme.

There is such a need for communities and services like Tuākana at University. Tuākana helps people engage with learning. It provides a space where students can come, hang out, work hard, find help, but also be pushed and challenged. Tuākana is more than just an academic help service, though. Tuākana is a collaborative network focussed on people and culture – and it works.

Dr Sina Greenwood

Tuākana Mathematics Coordinator

Senior Lecturer
Office: Building 303e, Room 246
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 88776

Talofa lava! I’m Sina and I’m Samoan, although I don’t look it.

I’m a lecturer in the Mathematics department and my favourite subject is topology. Topology is like doing geometry on a piece of rubber. You are allowed to stretch things so a circle, for example, is considered to be the same as a square.

I coordinate the Tuākana programme and I enjoy teaching, but unfortunately I don’t get a chance to work in the Tuākana room. I’m keen to meet you all though, so don’t hesitate to drop by my office if you have any questions​.

Michael Lockyer
Dr Michael Lockyer

Tuākana Mathematics Coordinator

: Building 303, Room 202
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 82994

My name is Michael, and I’ve been helping to coordinate Tuākana Maths for a few years now.

We aim to create a friendly, helpful atmosphere to help you succeed with your Maths courses, along with the rest of your University studies.

I really enjoy the close-knit family atmosphere we have in Tuākana Maths, and I’m sure you will too. So come along and bring a friend – we’d love to meet you!​

Garry Nathan
Dr Garry Nathan

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Office: Buidling 303e, Room 151
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 84931

Garry is a Professional Teaching Fellow in the Department of Mathematics,
whose studies at the University of Auckland have included Mathematics and
Mathematics Education.

His background includes primary school teaching, pre-service teacher education and teaching Mathematics courses at the University of Auckland.

He is particularly interested in how students learn and develop their understanding of various aspects of undergraduate Mathematics.​

Sione Ma'u, Tuakana, Department of Mathematics
Dr Sione Ma'u

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Office: Buidling 303e, Room 247
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 85865

I was a student here at Auckland long ago (the 90s). I did all my degrees here: BSc, MSc and PhD, and altogether it took about 10 years.

After my PhD I was at Indiana University for three years, and then at the University of the South Pacific (Fiji) as a Maths lecturer for another three years. I came back to Auckland in 2012 and have been a Tuākana tutor since 2013.

I think we have a nice little community in the Tuākana room. I look forward to seeing you there!

Malia Puloka, Tuakana, Department of Mathematics
Malia Puloka

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Professional Teaching Fellow
Office: Buidling 303e, Room 160
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 88816

Hi, my name is Malia. I have recently joined the Mathematics department. Before that I was a secondary school mathematics teacher.

I taught in Tonga for four years and 10 years here in New Zealand. My first priority is to provide one-on-one tutorials for the Māori and Pacific students, and to help out with the Tuākana programme.

Send me an email should you require one-on-one help and I'll try my best to cater for your needs.

Masina P
Masina Po'e-Tofaeono

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Teaching Fellow
Office: Buidling 303e, Room 151
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 84931

I'm Masina Po'e-Tofaeono.

I'm a huge fan of rugby, cricket and the gym, with a bit of Maths on the side.

Come and hang out at the Tuākana room so we can make some Maths gains!

Mostafa Raziebrah, Tuakana, Department of Mathematics
Mostafa Raziebrahimsaraei

Tuākana Communications


Hello everyone! My name is Mostafa, and I am the 'communication person' in Tuākana Maths. We are trying to make our Tuākana programme better and better. This means that we warmly welcome suggestions, questions and any idea to improve Tuākana Maths. 

I am finishing my masters degree in pure Mathematics and I'm looking forward to doing more Maths! Please, do not hesitate to send me any questions that you might have.

Dr Alison Heard, Tuakana tutor, Department of Mathematics
Dr Allison Heard

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Former Lecturer


Before retiring I was a senior tutor in the Maths department, mainly lecturing in MATHS 162, MATHS 260 and MATHS 270.

I enjoy working in the Tuākana room – I get asked a wide variety of Maths questions and the students are very welcoming.​

David Waters
David Waters

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

My name is David. I'm currently doing my PhD in mathematical biology, modelling the interaction of the immune system with melanoma.  I've been at the University of Auckland throughout my entire studies.

I've been involved with Tuākana since my second year. Since I started with Tuākana I've wanted to come back as a tutor every semester.  It has become a founding part of my education experience, in both teaching and learning.  

Ben Fonua, Tuakana tutor, Department of Mathematics
Ben Fonua

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Hi, my name is Penisimani Fonua, but you can call me Ben.

I'm a third-year student majoring in Finance and Mathematics as part of a BCom/BSc conjoint.

I'll be available for any help needed for Stage I Maths and MATHS 250, so come by the Tuākana rooms if you need guidance.

"There's no point aiming for success if you're not willing to make the first step."

Morgan Meertens, Tuakana tutor, Department of Mathematics
Morgan Meertens

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Hi, my name is Morgan. A few years ago, I was asked to be a tutor for Tuākana. Everyone is super friendly and so welcoming, whether Maths is your major or you are just taking a few courses.

I like to get to know new students and learn what they are passionate about. I cannot wait to see who passes through this year.

I am also a Tuākana student myself, so you will see me around the room studying and asking for help too. Feel free to come up and say hi, I won’t bite.

Tayla Forward, Tuakana tutor, Department of Mathematics
Tayla Forward

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Hey, my name is Tayla - I'm a second year student with majors in Mathematics, Economics and Data Science under a BA/BSc Conjoint.

I really believe in mathematical ability as one of the most employable and in demand skills in the modern workplace, particularly in the financial and economic fields that I am interested in, and that studies in mathematics add value to every degree. 

The Tuākana room is unique in the University for its community feel and collaborative environment. I do hope you'll pop in and throw around your queries.

Wiremu Hohepa, Tuakana tutor, Department of Mathematics
Wiremu Hohepa

Tuākana Mathematics Tutor

Hello, I'm Wiremu.

I'm studying a conjoint BA/BSc and I'm majoring in Maths for one half. I'm interested in Philosophy and how things fundamentally work. I aim to become a professor or teacher of some sort.

2017 is my first year as a tutor and I am looking forward to it. I try to learn by making lots of individual observations and connections about concepts, so I'll always have something to add if it's just not fitting together for you yet.