Department of Mathematics

Financial assistance

Scholarships and financial assistance

  • The University offers a number of scholarships, many specifically for Māori and Pacific students. See the University of Auckland Scholarships page for more information.
  • Apply for a student allowance if you are eligible. The student allowance is funded by the government and the number of awards is unlimited.
  • See the University fees and money matters page for more financial guidance.

What you can do to reduce student debt

Firstly, aim for A and B passes because:

  • You can do it!
  • It is a good strategy for success
  • You are more likely to get scholarships
  • You are more likely to be offered student employment
  • Within the university lecturers will be prepared to give references for jobs

You should also consider:

  • Becoming a mentor for the Department of Mathematics or one of the other departments with a Tuākana programme. You need reasonable passes to become a mentor.
  • Applying for jobs at the University of Auckland such as marking or tutoring in the Department of Mathematics. You will definitely need good grades to become a marker or tutor.