Department of Mathematics

Facilities and resources

The University of Auckland offers numerous facilities and resources, study spaces and laboratories equipped to fit the needs of students studying within the Faculty of Science.

Computer labs and software

Many students have their own computers. It is not, however, necessary to own a computer to do Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science. The laboratory facilities of the departments are available for you. Computing packages unlikely to be found on most home computers are available on the laboratory machines which are open during work hours, and also on some evenings, weekends and holidays.

The department shares three 120 machine computer laboratories with the departments of Statistics and Computer Science. These are located in the Science Centre, Building 303. Mathematics students have booking privileges in the basement laboratory, but may use the other two laboratories when they are not being used by Computer Science students. Because the laboratories are used by a large number of students and will be very busy around assignment due dates, students are strongly encouraged to work on their assignments early.

Demonstrators are rostered in the laboratories and they are available to assist students. They can be easily identified by the bright orange or yellow sashes they wear. Their role is not to do assignments for students, but rather to assist students to gain a better understanding of the computer packages being used, and of course to cope with technical problems.

The computing laboratory is coordinated by:

Steve Taylor
Room 303.223
Phone: 09 923 6622

Please download the PDF below for computer laboratory locations.

MATLAB software
Almost all first and second year courses will be using Mathlab and its Symbolic Math toolbox in both teaching and assessment. The program is available in the undergraduate computer lab and for purchase from the Student Resource Centre. For more information on this please refer to your study guides or visit the Mathworks website.


Student Resource Centre

At the Science Student Resource Centre, students can:

  • Pick up and drop off assignments (for Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry) 
    Assignment pickups are available from 10am - 2pm only.
  • Buy course books (no cash)
  • Purchase lab coats and safety glasses
  • Purchase ferry tickets
  • Print assignments
  • Top up photocopying accounts
  • Submit their masters thesis
  • Hire laptops
  • Pay field trip fees

It is located in Room 301-G402 in the Atrium on the ground floor of the Chemistry building (Building 301).  Find out more about assignments, computer access and laptops, and course books here.


Assistance Room

The Mathematics Department operates an assistance room in the City Campus, to help students with undergraduate Mathematics courses.

The Assistance Room is located in Building 302 Room 170

This room is primarily for Stage I students, with some help available for Stage II and III students. Tutors wearing blue sashes are available to help: their role is not to do assignments for students, but rather to assist students to gain a better understanding.