Department of Mathematics

Undergraduate entry requirements

Find out the qualifications needed for entrance. Read information on high school entry requirements and alternative pathways to university.

Enrolment in Stage I courses is largely determined by NCEA results, or equivalent. Students should consult course diagrams and descriptions in the Mathematics Undergraduate Handbooks.

Students with a weak Mathematics background, or who have not done Mathematics for many years, are able to enrol in pre-degree and starter courses.

For more information visit pre-degree and preparatory courses

If you have an NCEA rank score of at least 150 or a CIE rank score of at least 140, you are certain to be admitted to the Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme. If your score is less, then entry is subject to the number of places available. There are 1,650 available places in the Science faculty, and any student that has gained admission to the BSc is able to take the major in Mathematics.

Information on how University entrance criteria are assessed can be found by visiting the central Entry requirements section.