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Master of Professional Studies in Mathematics Education

The Mathematics Education speciality within the Master of Professional Studies (MProfStuds) degree is designed for mathematics teachers who wish to study and research their classroom practice.

The degree brings together research, subject knowledge, and professional experience to develop critical approaches to mathematics and statistics teaching and learning. The programme will allow students to explore research relevant to their mathematics teaching practice

Graduates of this programme will be better able to be senior practitioners in mathematics and statistics education at primary, secondary or tertiary level, to lead research-based professional development of mathematics teachers in their institution, and to take on positions of responsibility that involve mentoring other teaching staff.

If you join our community you will meet visiting high-profile researchers from around the world and be part of our social and professional activities. We value our position amongst mathematicians, so you will also develop links and friendships within the wider mathematics community.

We are delighted that this programme recognises your teaching experience and gives you the opportunity to complete a masters degree in one year.

The Judy Paterson Mathematics Education Scholarship is an annual award for partial fees payment available to teachers from Decile 1 and 2 schools.


Programme Structure

This is a one-year, full-time, research-informed masters programme, which can be taken as EITHER a research-oriented OR a teaching-oriented version.


The research-oriented version may also be taken part-time over two years.

  • 90 points (Research Portfolio): MATHS 790
  • 15 Points from EDPROFST 787 or EDUC 764
  • 15 Points from MATHS 701–770, STATS 701–787, ENGSCI 701–772


The teaching-oriented version may also be taken part-time over three-and-a-half-years.

  • 45 points (Dissertation): MATHS 785 or STATS 792 or EDPROFST 789
  • At least 45 points from MATHS 701-789, STATS 701-787, ENGSCI 701-772
  • Up to 30 points from EDUC 764, EDPROFST 787, or other courses as approved by the Head of School of Curriculum and Pedagogy or programme director


The 45-point dissertation may be supervised either through Mathematics, Statistics, or the Faculty of Education and Social Work. Please contact advisors below for a list of potential supervisors.



  • Bachelors Degree, or BSc(Hons) degree; and
  • A Teaching Qualification recognised as equivalent to one year’s advance study; and
  • At least three years’ post-qualification teaching involving mathematics or statistics; and
  • To be a holder of a current teaching position (full or part-time); and
  • Any prerequisites for the courses in the subject area in which they wish to enrol.

Entry is with the approval of the Director of the programme.


Start Date

Semester One or Semester Two by arrangement


For more information and advice please contact Dr Caroline Yoon or Dr Fiona Ell


Application for Admission

To apply for Admission into this programme, go to Application for Admission