Department of Mathematics

Maths help

Below you will find links to the maths assistance services available at the University of Auckland.

All of these services are available to students free of charge.


Your lecturer will have advertised office hours in your course outline. These are the times that lecturers are available to offer assistance to students in their courses. If you are unable to see your lecturer during their scheduled office hours, email them to ask if there is another time they may be available to see you.

Maths assistance room

The Maths and Stats assistance room is located in building 302, room 170, and is staffed by tutors during most weekdays during the semester (see your course's Canvas page for details). 

You can spot a tutor by looking for people wearing sashes; Mathematics tutors wear blue sashes, while Statistics tutors wear yellow sashes. 

Go to the assistance room with some friends in the course, work on problems, and just raise your hand when you would like assistance.

Tutors will move around the tables and can help you individually or as a group.

Computer lab demonstrators

The drop-in computer labs in building 303S, (B91 in the basement and G91 on the ground floor) are manned with demonstrators wearing brightly coloured sashes. These demonstrators are able to offer general help with Matlab, Maple and other mathematical software. The computer labs are open and manned between 9am-8pm on Mondays through to Thursdays, 9am-5pm on Fridays, from week two of semester.

Undergraduate advice and support

If you require general advice or have questions about course selection, please talk to our undergraduate advisors, Dr Padraic Bartlett and Dr Nicolette Rattenbury.

International and exchange student advice

For academic and personal support for international and exchange students, please contact Stephen Taylor.

For Māori and Pacific students

Tuākana-Mathematics Learning Community provides learning opportunities for Māori and Pacific students through tutorials, study groups and conversations with tutors.  

Māori and Pacific students are also eligible for free one-on-one help from a senior tutor. Find out more.

In addition to the services above, you can maximise your chances of success by taking a proactive approach. Set up a study group with other students on your course, talk to your tutors and ask questions during lectures.