Department of Mathematics

Meaningful learning in mathematics and statistics

Jisoo Lia Lee 2017 PG PhD candidate, Department of Mathematics
Jisoo Lia Lee, PhD candidate, Department of Mathematics

Our group carries out theoretical and empirical explorations of the fundamental processes that are involved in learning secondary and university mathematics and statistics.

Our current research foci include students’ learning experiences (e.g., engagement in large lectures, mathematical identity, reflecting on their own learning, participation in online forums), understanding of particular disciplines (e.g., algebra, calculus, complex and real analysis, statistics, probability, topology, graph theory and combinatorics) and broader cross-disciplinary ideas (e.g., algorithms, conceptual growth, conventions, insight, problem posing, problem solving, modelling, visualization).

This research is inseparable from our work on Lecturing and Teaching and on Design of Resources. 



Recent publications

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