Department of Mathematics

Welcome from the HoD

A message of welcome from the Head of Department: Professor Bernd Krauskopf

Bernd Krausfopf

The Department of Mathematics is one of the largest and most diverse departments within the University of Auckland. We offer a wide range of courses with degrees in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Moreover, you can study Mathematics in combination with many other subjects offered in the Faculties of Science, Engineering and Arts, and the Business School, for the BSc, BE, BA and BCom degrees. We also have a thriving programme of postgraduate study and PhD research.

The Department of Mathematics has an excellent reputation internationally and our degrees and diplomas enjoy widespread recognition from employers in New Zealand and throughout the world. Graduates of the department take up positions in business, industry, planning and environmental organisations, academia and a wide range of other areas.

Apart from being a fascinating subject in its own right, Mathematics is also an ideal supporting subject for many other disciplines. Graduates of this university will need to apply their skills to solve complex problems in an ever-changing world. Almost every sphere of knowledge and industry today relies on Mathematics for providing a conceptual framework and associated analytical and problem-solving techniques. This is why your future prospects and employability are enhanced by meaningful and taylored mathematical content as part of your degree.

Whatever your background or interests in Mathematics may be, we welcome you to our department and look forward to meeting you!