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Superstart gives prospective university students the chance to refresh their mathematics prior to commencing study in Stage I Mathematics courses.

Do you need mathematics for your Science, Business, Computing, or Engineering degree? Do you want to do Stage I Mathematics, but you're not sure if your maths is good enough? Do you feel you don't have a strong background in Mathematics with Calculus?

Then Superstart is for you!

What is Superstart?

Superstart is a refresher course for students planning to enrol in MATHS 108, MATHS 150 or ENGSCI 111 who do not have a strong background in Mathematics with Calculus.

Superstart is a two-week intensive course held from mid-February each year, which aims to boost students' skills and understanding to make a pass in the standard Stage I Mathematics papers more achievable.

Superstart has been running since 2000, as a joint initiative of the Department of Mathematics and the Faculty of Engineering. Results have been excellent: students who have taken Superstart generally achieve pass rates at or above class averages, and some gain A passes.


Who should enrol in Superstart?

The course is intended for students enrolling in Stage I Mathematics (not Statistics) who have

  • a low level of achievement in NCEA Level 3 Calculus (Achievement rather than Merit) or in CIE A2 Mathematics or
  • gaps in their preparation, either from incomplete Level 3 NCEA credits or by having completed CIE AS rather than A2
  • studied Statistics rather than Calculus at NCEA Level 3
  • NCEA Level 3 equivalent qualifications, but have not studied mathematics for some time.

Other students find Superstart useful for discovering exactly where they should start their career in university mathematics, or for gaining a head start in MATHS 102, Functioning in Mathematics.

Students intending to enrol in the courses below should ideally have the indicated prior acheivement in Mathematics:

  • ENGSCI 111 "Mathematical Modelling 1" and MATHS 150 "Advancing Mathematics 1" require at least 18 credits at Level 3 Mathematics, of which at least 9 credits must be at Merit level or higher. Merit or better in Differentiation is strongly recommended.
  • MATHS 108 "General Mathematics 1" requires at least 13 credits in Mathematics Achievement standards at Level 3.

Students without adequate background for these courses should consider a full course in a preparatory paper: MATHS 102 "Functioning in Mathematics" is appropriate.

Students with an average of Merit in their NCEA Calculus credits should pass the standard first-year university mathematics courses, assuming that coursework requirements are met.

Students with a lesser level of achievement, or gaps in their Calculus preparation should consider completing the Superstart course.


Date, time, place and cost

10 Day course: recommended for most students
15 February – 26 February 2016
9am - 4pm each day
Cost: $260

7 Day course: recommended for students with strong algebra skills and a good understanding of functions, who have gaps in calculus and/or trigonometry knowledge
18 February - 26 February 2016
9am - 4pm each day
Cost: $190

The mornings will be devoted to a mathematical core common to all disciplines and will consist of a lecture followed by work on exercises, with the assistance of tutors.

The afternoons may contain some core material but will also contain some two-hour modules, covering a variety of themes. There will be some choice depending on a student's intended course of study.


Enrolment and related enquiries

Print out and complete the 2016 Enrolment Form.


Form coming soon.


and either

  • post it to the
    Student Resource Centre
    Faculty of Science
    University of Auckland
    Private Bag 92019
    Auckland 1142


  • bring it to the
    Student Resource Centre
    Ground Floor, Room G-038, Building 301
    23 Symonds Street
    (Open on week days 9am-4pm)
    to the office of the Mathematics Department
    4th floor, Maths-Physics Building
    38 Princes Street


You will be sent a receipt for the course fee.

Enrolments will be accepted until the course is full. If you are enrolling after 10 February, it is best to do so in person at the Student Resource Centre.



  • Students enrolled for the 10 day course should register on Monday 15 February, between 8:30 and 8:45am, in room G-038, Building 301, 23 Symonds Street. Bring with you the course fee receipt, pens, plenty of scrap paper, and your calculator.
  • Students enrolled for the 7 day course should follow the above instructions, but arrive on Thursday 18 February.  

If you are concerned that your enrolment has not been received, or have questions, please phone 09 923 5244 and leave a message if necessary. Your call will be returned.


Superstart Coordinator

For enquiries related to the course please contact the

Superstart Coordinator
Jac Mogey
Phone: +64 9 923 5244