Sir Vaughan Jones PhD scholarship

21 March 2014


The Inaugural Sir Vaughan F.R. Jones PhD Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship will fund the research in any area of mathematics of a PhD student supervised

by a member of the Department of Mathematics.  Selection is based purely on the record and research

promise of the candidate. The Jones Scholarship offers an annual stipend of NZ$25,000 (tax free), plus fees,

for three years of PhD study.

New Zealand mathematician Vaughan Jones, KNZM FRS FRSNZ FAAAS, was awarded the Fields Medal in 1990.

He is Distinguished Professor at both the University of Auckland and Vanderbilt University. He is best known for

his work on knot (Jones) polynomials and von Neumann algebras.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact members of the Department informally concerning possible

research projects.

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Other PhD scholarships

PhD scholarships are available for the following research projects:

Group actions, structure and representations
Supervisors: Jianbei An, Marston Conder and Eamonn O'Brien

The project focuses on theoretical and computational aspects of finite and infinite group theory and representation theory; funded by a Marsden Fund grant.

New directions at the geometry-analysis frontier
Supervisor: Rod Gover

This project focuses on the geometry and analysis of continuously changing structures; funded by a Marsden Fund grant.

The geometry of chaos near heteroclinic cycles
Supervisors: Bernd Krauskopf and Hinke Osinga

This project is about new types of chaotic dynamics and how they arise; funded by a University of Auckland Science Faculty Scholarship.

Construction and analysis of a multiscale model of saliva secretion
Supervisor: James Sneyd

This project is funded by a grant from the NIH; two scholarships are available.

These research projects are each supported by an annual stipend of NZ$25,000 (tax free), plus fees, for three years. Informal enquiries should be addressed to the supervisors of the projects.

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Other scholarships offered by the University


The University of Auckland offers Doctoral Scholarships to suitably qualified candidates. 

All prospective students should check for other available scholarships by visiting the Faculty of Science Postgraduate scholarships page.

Prospective international students should also visit The University of Auckland International scholarships page.

If you need additional information about the scholarships or the application process, then contact the PhD advisor.