Staff arrivals and departures in semester two

21 December 2011

Semester two saw six new academics joining the Department of Mathematics.

Besides the Algebra and Combinatorics staff, we were privileged to welcome:

  •  Bernd Krauskopf - Professor of Applied Mathematics

Professor Krauskopf completed his PhD from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. He has supervised over 15 PhD students, written over 100 journal papers and published five books. Bernd has joined the Department in October 2011, after a successful career in the U.K, amongst others. Prior to his arrival in New Zealand, he had been at the Department of Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol for 13 years. Bernd’s research is in dynamical systems theory and its applications to real-world problems. Topics he works on include: the computation and visualisation of dynamical phenomena, different types of transitions to chaos, bifurcations as organising centres, chaotic light in laser systems, the influence of delays in balancing tasks, strategies for mechanical hybrid tests, and the dynamics of aircraft as ground vehicles.

  • Hinke Osinga - Professor of Applied Mathematics

Professor Osinga completed her PhD from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. She has written over 50 journal papers and published two books. Her research interest are in dynamical systems. She has been featured in a DVD in the series of London Mathematical Society Popular Lectures, and is well-known for her crocheted Lorentz-manifolds, which were featured in several television news stories and shows.Hinke specialises in the numerical computation and visualisation of invariant manifolds that arise in systems of ordinary differential equations. She uses these numerical techniques as a tool to help understand complicated nonlinear behaviour and advance the theory of dynamical systems. Hinke’s research has contributed to a better understanding of dynamical systems as varied as the chaotic Lorenz equations, models of hormone-secreting neuron cells, intracellular calcium dynamics, and shaking mechanical structures.Hinke Osinga is the first female Professor of Mathematics at The University of Auckland, and second Professor of Mathematics in New Zealand.

At the end of the semester, we also farewell

  • Dr Louise Sheryn, research manager with CULMS, who will be joining the Faculty of Education
  • Dr Wiremu Solomon, senior lecturer with the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics