Department of Mathematics

The next step in starting your career

A degree in Mathematics is a great starting point that can to lead to a range of exciting career opportunities.

Many students wonder what career opportunities exist for graduates in Mathematics outside academia and teaching, and the answer is PLENTY.  While you might not see a lot of job opportunities listed specifically as MATHEMATICS roles, there are many different areas where a background in maths is incrediblly valuable.

These include:

  • Industry and government 
  • Computer development 
  • Insurance
  • Meteorology
  • Traffic engineering
  • Systems Analysis
  • Biometrics or operations research
  • And many more

Some of these jobs may require specific mathematical skills, but many of them will also require the ability to think precisely and reason logically - skills you will have no doubt gained by studying maths.

Taking the next step to start your professional career can be daunting, so here are some useful resources that will hopefully help you on your way.


University-wide opportunities

Now that you are ready to take the next step in your career, have you thought about working for the University of Auckland?

As a large organisation, the University offers a range of unique staff benefits - including five weeks annual leave, flexible working hours, learning and development opportunities and more.

If you are interested in learning more about working at the leading university in New Zealand and the range of professional and academic positions available, visit Careers at Auckland.

Career Development and Employment Services (CDES)

You may have visited CDES while you were a student, but did you know that they also offer assistance to graduates from the University for up to three years after they graduate?

The team at CDES will be able to help you develop your CV and cover letter, plan your career path, prepare for interviews, make yourself more visible to potential employers and a range of other things. 

They also regularly post job listings suitable for recent graduates on their CDES Job Board.

For more information or to contact CDES, please visit their website.

Other career resources

There are a number of external job searching sites that you can use to find current vacancies - or you could approach organisations you are interested in working for to see what openings are available.  There are no hard and fast rules to finding employment, but for those of you looking for a starting point you could look at:

If you are interested in purusing a career in secondary teaching, these websites might be useful to you: