Dr Steve Taylor
PhD (University of Minnesota)
Senior Lecturer (1994)
Department of Mathematics

Room Number: 303.523
Extension: 86622
Fax: 3737457
E-mail: s.taylor-AT-auckland.ac.nz

Math Subject Classification: 35 81 74 93
Research Area: Partial differential equations, control theory for PDEs, quantum chemistry, industrial mathematics

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Recent Publications
MARCHANT, T.3, NICKERSON, A.3, SCOTT, D.J., TAYLOR, S.W. 'Development of empirical relationships for the metallurgical design of hot-rolled steel'. Proceedings of the 2005 Mathematics-In-Industry Study Group, G. Wake editor, Massey University, Albany, Auckland, 55-70.
GILL, P.M.W.3, GILBERT, A.T.B.3, TAYLOR, S.W., FRIESECKE, G.3, HEAD-GORDON, M.3 'Decay behavior of least-squares coefficients in auxiliary basis expansions'. Journal of Chemical PhysicS, 123, 061101, 2005.
GILBERT, A.T.B.3, GILL, P.M.W.3, TAYLOR, S.W. 'Extracting atoms from molecular electron densities via integral equations'. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 120 no. 17, 7887-7893, 2004.
MCGUINNESS, M.3, TAYLOR, S.W. 'Stip Temperature in a metal coating line annealing furnace'. Proceedings of the 2004 Mathematics-In-Industry Study Group, G. Wake editor, The University of Auckland, 23-45.