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University of Auckland Mathematics Trail

A mathematical resource booklet is available from the School’s Director’s Office in the Registry building on Princess Street. This booklet has been designed for class use in Intermediate Schools. It involves walking around Albert Park and the University grounds looking at things mathematical. The booklet provides direction and a map for moving around the trail and pupils answer questions in the booklet, some of which may be completed for homework. A larger map is also available and some notes for the teacher.

The trail is best suited for a class divided into groups of 3-5 each with a parent or teacher, and will take from 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Pupils will each need a clipboard and pen and one measuring tape per group. It is almost all outside, so a fine day is best.

In the interests of safety for the pupils, and convenience in many other ways, the best times to do the trail would be during the University holiday breaks. These times are roughly: early in February, around Easter time, from mid June to early July, the first week of September and after Labour weekend. The University will be able to give exact dates.

Due to constructions taking place out in front of the gymnasium, at present it is not possible to walk through the first tunnel. You will need to walk around behind the gymnasium and cross Symonds Street to the steps between the Engineering School and the Conference Centre.

For more details, and a copy of the booklet, which you may duplicate, contact:

School’s Director
Colin Prentice
Office of the Vice Chancellor
Princess Street

Phone: (09) 373-7599 ext. 4465
Fax: (09) 373-7603, attention Colin Prentice
E-mail: c.prentice@auckland.ac.nz

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Last modified: September 18, 2002.