Modelling of Quantum Networks

A. Mikhailova, B. Pavlov, L. Prokhorov


The Quantum Network is a composite domain constructed of several quantum
wells and few quantum wires attached to them. We construct the Scattering matrix for the Schr"{o}dinger operator on the Quantum Network in terms
of the corresponding Dirichlet-to Neumann map, and calculate the approximate Scattering matrix. We suggest it in form of the Scattering Matrix of the corresponding Solvable Model based on the proper Intermediate Operator.
The applicability of the analytic perturbation procedure to the eigen-functions of the absolutely continuous spectrum
is discussed.

Dirichlet-to-Neumann map, Scattering matrix, Intermediate Operator

Math Review Classification
Primary 35P25 ; Secondary 47F05

Last Updated
25 August 03

43 pages

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