Some recent results concerning weak Asplund spaces II

Warren B. Moors


In this paper, which is a sequel to [7], we will review some of the latest
advances that have accurred in the study of weak Asplund spaces since [7]
was written. Specifically, we will examine the recently discovered example
of a Gateaux differentiability space that is not weak Asplund with the hope
of presenting a proof that is simpler and more accessible than the proof given
in [8] and which shows the similarity between this new example and the earlier
examples of Banach spaces that are (i) weak Asplund but not in Stegall's class
and (ii) in Stegall's class but whose dual space is not weak* fragmentable.

weak Asplund space, Gateaux differentiability space, Stegall space, fragmentable space.

Math Review Classification
Primary 54C60 ; Secondary 26E25

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