Volterra Spaces are re-visited

Jiling Cao and David Gauld


In this paper, we investigate weakly Volterra spaces and relevant
topological properties. New characterizations of weakly Volterra
spaces are provided. An analogy of the well-known Banach category
theorem in terms of Volterra properties is achieved. It is shown
that every weakly Volterra homogeneous space is Volterra, and
there exists a metrizable Baire space whose hyperspace of
nonempty compact subsets endowed with the Vietoris topology
is not weakly Volterra.

Baire spaces, dense $G_delta$-sets, the Vietoris topology, Volterra spaces, weakly Volterra spaces.

Math Review Classification
Primary 26A15 ; Secondary 54C05, 54E52

Last Updated
13 May, 2003

11 pages

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