Isometric tight frames

Robert Reams and Shayne Waldron


We construct a $dtimes n$ matrix, $nge d$, whose
columns have equal length and whose rows are orthonormal. This is
equivalent to finding an isometric tight frame of $n$ vectors in $Rd$
(or $Cd$),
or writing the $dtimes d$ identity matrix $I={dover n}sum_{i=1}^n P_i$,
where the $P_i$ are rank $1$ orthogonal projections.
%where the $P_i$ are orthogonal projections onto $1-$dimensional subspaces.

Isometric tight frame, normalised tight frame, uniform tight frame

Math Review Classification
Primary 42C15 ; Secondary 52B15, 42C40

Last Updated
29 May 2002

7 pages

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