Resonance Quantum Switch and Quantum Gate

N. Bagraev, A.Mikhailova, B. Pavlov, L.Prokhorov


Solvable models for two- and three-terminal Quantum Switches and
Quantum Gates are suggested in form of a quantum ring witha few
one-dimensional quantum wires attached to it. In resonance case
when the Fermi level in the wires coincides with the resonance
energy level on the ring , the magnitude of the governing
electric field may be specified such that the quantum
current through the switch from up-leading wire to the outgoing
wires may be controlled via rotation of the orthogonal projection
of the field onto the plane of the device.The working parameters
of the switches and gates are defined in dependence of the
desired working temperature, the Fermi level and the effective mass of the electron in the wires.

Scattering Theory, Quantum Wires.

Math Review Classification
Primary Mathematical Physics

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