Signed frames and Hadamard products of Gram Matrices

Irine Peng and Shayne Waldron


This paper concerns (redundant) representations in a Hilbert space $H$ of the form $$ f = sum_j
c_jinpro{f,phi_j}phi_j, qquad forall fin H. $$ These are more general than those obtained from a tight frame, and
we develop a general theory based on what are called signed frames. We are particularly interested in the cases where
the scaling factors $c_j$ are unique and the geometric interpretation of negative $c_j$. This is related to results about
the invertibility of certain Hadamard products of Gram matrices which are of independent interest, e.g., we show for
almost every $v_1,ldots,v_ninCC^d$ $$ rank([inpro{v_i,v_j}^roverline{inpro{v_i,v_j}}^s]) =
min{{r+d-1choose d-1}{s+d-1choose d-1},n}, qquad r,sge0. $$ Applications include the construction of tight
frames of bivariate Jacobi polynomials on a triangle which preserve symmetries, and numerical results and conjectures
about the class of tight frames in a finite dimensional space.

frames, wavelets, signed frames, Hadamard product, Gram matrix, generalised Hermitian forms,multivariate Jacobi polynomials, Lauricella functions

Math Review Classification
Primary 05B20, 41A65, 42C15 (primary) ; Secondary 11E39, 33C50, 33C65, 42C40 (secondary)

Last Updated
20 April 2001

22 pages

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