NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 32, Number 1, (2003)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 32 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:
Iyad T. Abu-Jeib and Thomas S. Shores
On properties of matrix I(-1) of sinc methods
pp. 1-10
Huanyin Chen and Miaosen Chen
On semiregular rings
pp. 11-20
M.H. Farag
On the derivation of discrete conjugate boundary value problem for an optimal control parabolic problem
pp. 21-32
F. Gorunescu and M. Gorunescu
Solving a Neumann nonlinear boundary value problem
pp. 33-36
M. Khoshkam and B. Mashood
Rigidity in commuting squares
pp. 37-56
Mustapha Lakrib
The method of averaging and differential systems with two time scales
pp. 57-66
Abdul M. Mohamad
A note on developability and metrizability
pp. 67-72
B.K. Ray and G.D. Dikshit
Absolute Euler summability of differential Fourier series and some other associated series
pp. 73-90
Norbert Steinmetz
Zalcman functions and rational dynamics
pp. 91-104

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