NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 31, Number 1, (2002)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 31 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:
Hyuck chung and Colin Fox
Calculation of wave-ice interaction using the Wiener-Hopf technique
pp. 1-18
Tzanko Donchev
Multivalued perturbations of m-dissipative differential inclusions in uniformly convex spaces
pp. 19-32
Cenap Duyar and Birsen Sagir
Multipliers and relative completions of vector-valued Lp(G,A) spaces
pp. 33-38
Yasuhiko Kamiyama and Shuichi Tsukuda
Holomorphic vector fields on moduli spaces of polygons
pp. 39-42
Anna Martellotti
The continuity of the drop mapping
pp. 43-54
Warren B. Moors
Closed graph theorems and Baire spaces
pp. 55-62
Marija Orovchanec
On the power of an operator valued weighted shift
pp. 63-72
Peter Renaud
Scale invariant means and the first digit problem
pp. 73-84
Jesú s Rodrí guez-Ló pez
Fell type topologies of quasi-uniform spaces
pp. 85-98
Chin-Mei Fu, Hung-Lin Fu and Anne Penfold Street
Two-colorable {C4, Ck}-designs
pp. 99-107

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