NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 30, Number 2, (2001)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 30 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:
Huanyin Chen
Idempotens in exchange rings
pp. 103-110
F.M. Dong, K.L. Teo, C.H.C. Little and M.D. Hendy
Some inequalities on chromatic polynomials
pp. 111-118
Sergei Fedorov
On a recent result on the intersection of weighted hardy spaces
pp. 119-130
Jitan Lu and Peng-Yee Lee

pp. 131-140
A.M. Mohamad
Weak bases and metrizability
pp. 141-146
Ng Wee Leng
A nonabsolute integral on measure spaces that includes the Davies-McShane integral
pp. 147-156
Walter Roth
Inner products on ordered cones
pp. 157-176
A. Sauer
Uniqueness theorems for holomorphic functions on compact Riemann surfaces
pp. 177-182
Garry J. Tee
Brachistochrones for attractive logarithmic potential
pp. 183-196
Tsukasa Yashiro
Immersed surfaces and their lifts
pp. 197-210

Last updated 20 December 2001