NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 30, Number 1, (2001)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 30 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:
Asma Ali
Structure of periodic near rings
pp. 1-4
Mouffak Benchohra
On second order differential inclusions in Banach spaces
pp. 5-14
Constantin Buse> and Alin Pogan
Individual exponential stability for evolution families of linear and bounded operators
pp. 15-24
Gerard Buskes and Jason Holland
A note on the commutativity of Archimedean almost f rings
pp. 25-30
Vincentiu Cuc
A generalization of a theorem of Datko and Pazy
pp. 31-40
Sadettin Erdem
Paraholomorphic structures and the connections of vector bundles over paracomplex manifolds
pp. 41-50
Alan Feldstein and Young Ik Kim
Nonexistence of k-cycles for infinite-dimensional logistic delay maps
pp. 51-62
Noor Mohammad, Naseer Shahzad and Mahwish Saleemi
Derivations on locally C*-algebras
pp. 63-68
Mark W. Rogers and David K. Neal
Generalized random walks with negative binomial stopping times
pp. 69-80
Arkadii Slinko
A generalization of Komlós's theorem on random matrices
pp. 81-86
A.B. Thaheem
On certain pairs of normal operators
pp. 87-92
Vladimir V. Tkachuk
Lindelöf -property of C_p(X) together with countable spread of X implies X is cosmic
pp. 93-101

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