New Zealand J. Math. Volume 29, Number 1 (2000)

Table of Contents:

Davide Amadei
Distributions on graded manifolds
pp. 1-10.
D.H. Armitage
The Pompeiu property on the sphere
pp. 12-18.
R.J. Gribben
Nutrient - phytoplankton modelling
pp. 19-32.
P. Katerinis and N. Tsikopoulos
Minimum degree and f-factors in graphs
pp. 33-40.
Abdul M. Mohamad
Characterizations of Moore and semi-stratifiable spaces
pp. 41-46.
Nasaharu Nishio and Noriaki Suzuki
A characterization of strip domains by a mean value property for the parabolic operator of order $\alpha$
pp. 47-54.
Juan Pablo and Julio D. Rossi
Simultaneous versus non-simultaneous blow-up
pp. 55-60.
Ice B. Risteski, Kostadin G. Trencevski and Valéry C. Covachev
Reduction of the generalized Popov's differential equation to Birkhoff canonical matrix form
pp. 61-70.
Wilhelm Schwick
A note on Zalcman's lemma
pp. 71-72.
A. Yu. Shahverdian, M. Mssén and G.S. Hovanessian
On functional-differential inclusions of Volterra-type
pp. 73-90.
Naseer Shahzad
Random approximations and random coincidence points of multivalued random maps with stochastic domain
pp. 91-96.
Siamak Yassemi
Homomorphisms locally of finite injective dimension
pp. 97-102

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