NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 27, Number 2, (1998)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 27 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:
Mark Baer, and Roy A. Mimna
Baire category, semi-closed sets, and the uniform boundedness theorem
pp. 155-158
E. Ballico
Exact sequences of stable vector bundles on nodal curves
pp. 159-166
Dariusz Bugajewski and Ewa Grzelaczyk
On the measures of noncompactness in some metric spaces
pp. 177-182
Constantin Buse
On the Perron-Bellman Theorem for evolutionary processes with exponential growth in Banach spaces
pp. 183-190
Tzanko Donchev
Differential inclusions in uniformly convex spaces. Baire category approach
pp. 191-198
Günter Frank and Yuefei Wang
Julia and Borel lines of meromorphic functions and their derivatives
pp. 199-206
F.W. Gehring, T.H. Marshall and G.J. Martin
Collaring theorems and the volumes of hyperbolic n-manifolds
pp. 207-226
Marie Henderson and Rex Matthews
Dickson polynomials of the second kind which are permutation polynomials over a finite field
pp. 227-244
P. Liczberski and J. Polubinki
Symmetrical series expansion of complex valued functions
pp. 245-254
S. Mohamad
Two component population dynamics of dissolved nutrient and phytoplankton: Existence of stability switches
pp. 255-268
B. van-Brunt
Congruent characteristics on linear hyperbolic Weingarten surfaces in euclidean 3-space
pp. 269-276
C. Victoria
Symmetric and antisymmetric tensors over free supermodules
pp. 277-292
Jun Zhu
On Jones knot Invariants and Vassiliev Invariants
pp. 293-300
Nan Zhu and Kevin Broughan
The equivalent forms of mixed integer linear programming problems
pp. 301-315

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