NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 21 (1992)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 21 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:
Vaughan Jones
Knots, braids, statistical mechanics and von Neumann algebras
pp. 1-16.
R.P. Anstee
Matching theory: fractional to integral
pp. 17-32.
Rod Downey
An invitation to structural complexity
pp. 33-89.
Ralph J. Faudree
Properties in pairable graphs
pp. 91-106.
Philip J. Rottier
Temporal and spatial distributions of floe pair interactions in the marginal ice zone
pp. 107-132.
Anne Penfold Street
Defining sets for t-designs and critical sets for Latin squares
pp. 133-144.
Garry J. Tee
Twenty-five years of New Zealand Mathematics Colloquiua
pp. 145-160.

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